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March 2019 Message from our President  

March is here and business is booming for Mercedes Benz, the new products are hitting the highways already, this has been a fantastic first quarter. Those Germans at MBUSA are thinking up new ways to have fun. And I'm all about the speed. Why does the AMG GT63s four door coupe exist? Because the E63s Sedan -which hits 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, eviscerates the quarter-mile in 11 seconds flat, and laps the Nurburgring in the low 7-minute-and-40-second range-isn't quick enough. That's why.

And since Mercedes-AMG is a company filled with formally dressed, stern and stoic Germans, you'll believe them when they tell you that the GT 4-Door's chassis is stiffer than the E63's, that it can better support higher cornering loads from its wider tires, and that all this is necessary to undergird the highest-output version of the company's twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 produced to date, which is housed under its hood. Yet when all 630 of the GT63 S's snarling horses are loosed, you'll understand that the Affalterbach cowboys' austerity is only a veneer spread thinly over their true lunatic temperament and that their Dressler suits are merely a façade worn over John Force Underoos.

The GT63 S, after all, comes standard with a drift mode.
I hope that I see you in your new cars soon. FSD in a GT would be the ultimate First Sunday Drive. 

See you all on the road soon. 
Michael Vasquez (Mikey V)
Section President, SFBA/MBCA



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