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Confessions of a Bottom Feeder

By Geoff Paulsen Director at Large, San Francisco Bay Area Section

The 1984 190e looked okay  good body, new tires, interior preserved with fast food grease  but no key.
I don't think I'd pay more that $200 for that car, I said as I turned to walk away.
OK, she replied.
Then it was done  the bottom feeder had struck again.

How did I become a bottom feeder for Benzes?

First, I had to want a Mercedes. When I was 15, my uncle bought a 300SEL 6.3 that his sons tortured - but it survived. I was impressed.

Second, I had to lack money. Ever ask a park ranger how much he makes?

Third, I needed an opportunity. The ad was for a 1959 190D for $950. Old Smokey" took me to work and on many memorable (camping) trips with my wife.

Fourth, I had to make do. Dealer maintenance was out of the question, but Smokey's manual assured me: If you follow these hints, your 190d will never disappoint you. And it never did. Plus, with four teenagers in the house, I found tinkering in the garage to be a respite.

Mercedes cars are fun, but most of all I've enjoyed my Mercedes relationships  from my fellow Board members to my fellow scavengers at PicknPull.