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2017 Planning Meeting

2017 Planning Meeting

2018 PLANNING MEETING, OCTOBER 28th!  by Lou Piccinini & Sally Hinds

  What type of club events interests you? Social, Educational or Technical events?

And what about First Sunday Drives? What parts of the surrounding Bay Area have you never been to or have always wanted to explore? 

This is your club. On October 22nd, you’ll have an opportunity to provide your ideas for next year’s events and First Sunday Drives when you attend our annual Planning Meeting. Help turn your thoughts and ideas into club events and drives for 2018! Everyone is welcome and we’re interested in hearing your ideas, so don’t be shy. 

This year the process is changing a bit. Prior to attending the meeting, please gather the following information for the event you want to champion:

Event type (Social, Education or Technical)

> Location. We like to have events in the North Bay, South Bay, East Bay and SF/Peninsula areas to reach all of our members.

> Hours

> Permits or reservations required

> Estimated cost

> Time facility must be reserved prior to event

> Contact name at facility


 First Sunday Drives 

Ideas are great, but leading a drive is even more fun! Plan and lead a drive to exactly where you want to go and experience a trail of Mercedes following you in your rearview mirror. Now, that doesn’t happen every day and I can tell you from experience, it’s a sight to behold!

 It’s easy and fun to lead an event or a First Sunday Drive, and we have Activity and First Sunday Drive Director’s that can provide guidance if needed.

 Remember, this is your club, so don’t let someone else decide next year's events and drives that you’ll be attending.

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