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Why Silver?

Why Silver?

Why Is Silver the Only Authentic Color for Mercedes Sports Cars?

Back in the 1920's and 1930's, Daimler fielded a team that raced very successfully in the various European Grand Prix competitions. Soon, Mercedes cars were beating most all other entries in race after race. The French and Italians, who generally controlled the racing rules, decided to end the Mercedes streak. At the last minute before the first race of the season, they announced a weight limit lowered by 30 pounds, calculating that the Mercedes cars would all fail qualification.
The Mercedes team manager, hearing about the change the night before the race, set all his apprentices to work sanding every bit of the white German national colors off all the team's cars. Working through the night, they produced racers with no paint at all, showing only the bare metal bodywork, a light silver color. The next morning, the German cars made the weigh-in, and finished 1-2-3.
Now you know why silver is the only truly authentic color for Mercedes sports cars. Great cars, great tradition.

Proud owner of JAX PET3, a Silver 2004 MBZ SLK320

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